Kalium, the new synonym for "different design"

Eco-friendly and ethical, with a unique aesthetic that combines minimalism with fun and creative details, mainly using monochromatic colors that can be easily combined and make timeless pieces.

Each collection, from which the clothes can be continued in the next, is inspired by a story or legend that is illustrated and conveyed through printing or other ways.

Legends and stories are one of the inspirations that lead to the development of illustrations that complete the collections, which thus become unique.

We give a new life to surpluses fabric of Portuguese productions and prefer, whenever possible, textiles that contain fibers with less environmental impact. We believe that in a world where a large amount of good fabric ends up in the landfill, upcycling is an environmentally friendly way to use textiles.

Products for a “Zero Waste” life are created with patterns designed for a “Zero Waste” production.

Kalium is a small studio that is currently in the “A Praça” Incubator in Fundão (Portugal), since February 2019. Most of the clothing and accessories are produced in this space, sometimes by local seamstresses, and we already have a small company in the north of the country, to make some of the knits.